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Stock broker is either a professional or regulated company who buys and sells shares and other types of stock market investment on your behalf. You can choose a full service stock broker who will make all the dealing decisions on your behalf based on your investment objectives.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Stock Broker -
Fast, Easy Stock Market Research Tool On Th...">

Fast, Easy Stock Market Research Tool On The Internet -

Introducing, a fast, easy stock market research tool with speed unlike the internet has ever seen before. No charts! No quotes! No graphs! Just the companies on the US Stock Exchange and how they fit into the bigger picture. Why?? SPEED AND EASE-OF-USE.. Now even a child can quickly research the US Stock Exchange.

October 11, 2004 -- FAST, EASY stock market research tool is built on a cluster of servers for speed and tailored to ALL WEB BROWSERS on ALL PLATFORMS. Users may link to stock market searches and symbols via the query string parameters. For example: to get a list of beer related stock market symbols. or link to to link to an individual stock symbol.'s algorithms are fully optimized for speed in a distributed architecture.'s speed is driven by an advanced pre-caching mechanism which uses "A System In Which Multiple Clients Concurrently Debug, Modify and Test a Shared Software State Machine" (Patent Pending) to convert chatroom consensus data (people chatting w/ digital mind files around the world) into a vastly comprehensive model of the US Stock Exchange and project probable stock market searc


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