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Thursday, June 16, 2005

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Spin to Win - Award Winning Wall Street Spi...

"We lost a fortune," recalled Betty Lee Deitch, President of FunSpin Board Games. "We decided to do something more constructive. We love board games, so we invented a board game to lift people's spirits."

The board game, Wall Street Spin, allows participants to play the stock market with no real risk and little knowledge about the stock market....The final version of the humorous company names were created by Oscar-winning animation director Gene Deitch.

One of the chief strengths of the game's design is that it doesn't require any complicated math. Perhaps its teaching value is what prompted Wall Street Spin to win Dr. Toy's award for educational skills.

"They learn some financial basics," noted Ms. Deitch. "We're finding that there are younger and younger investors. A game like this enhances also their verbal and social skills, such as how to win and lose gracefully."

But the random element of the game is what makes it most appealing to kids, who aren't at a disadvantage for limited knowledge of the market. "That creates a level playing field" she added.

"There's no way to monopolize the board. It's a game of skill and luck, just like the stock market. And we find kids are usually good at it because they're more daring and willing to take risks."

The couple plan to market five games total in their Patented Brand of FunSpin Board Games. The Patented spin mechanism offers challenging multiple outcomes as well as varying prices. Players see, hear, and feel the exciting Spin to Win!

Excerpts from "The Marketing Kids Report" by Patricia Morris Buckley. See full article on, FunSpin Board Games

Donald and Betty Deitch 1(888)388-SPIN TOLL FREE

FAX (415)682-8809

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