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Monday, June 06, 2005

Stock Broker - - US Stock, Options, Fund and...

com offers subscription products for individual investors, including Options, FX Trade, Stock Exchange analysis and Research report. The Company's Naicl Information Services group is a leading licensor of market news, data, investment analysis tools and other online applications to financial services firms, media companies, wireless carriers and Internet service providers.

Membership Services

Services1: US stock, options and Fund Report provides

$149 each 6 months

$249 each year

Fund research report

1 Tax

2 Fees and payment

3 Fund history and family

4 Fund management

5 long-term return

Options trade report

1 buy and sell options recommendation

2 Spread strategic

3 Straddle strategic

4 Strategic investment advice

US stock exchange:

1 Growth company analysis report

2 buy and sell stock recommendation

3 Short sell recommend

4 Model Portfolio

Services2: FX daytrading report

$299 each 6 months

$499 each year

FX Trading:

1 Twice daily forecasts of the major currencies by E-mail

2 Specific FX trading advice

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