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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Stock Broker -
Stock System Mania

But a review of Bobs FreeStockSystem is usually all a savvy investor needs to grasp the systems uniqueness and potential.

FreeStockSystem creator, Bob Miller, only wanted to prove a point to his broker. He proved his point, but suffered the consequences. When the income producing part of your business comes to a standstill because your phone lines and mailboxes are jammed answering questions from the four corner of the globe about a whim of yours, thats not good. Miller said.

It all started innocently enough. While playing golf with three other club members, I simply stated that most stockbrokers are nothing more than order takers. That they push whatever stocks the powers to be tell them to push.

I had forgotten my broker was one of the members of our foursome. He immediately took exception and offered to bet me that I couldnt make a nickel in the market without his help. I immediately accepted the wager and conditions. Miller grinned sheepishly then went on.

In a way he was right. I couldnt make a nickel; I made several thousand dollars in half the time allotted. My ex-broker paid the wager and told me what I could do with my system.

"I take pride in the fact that so many investors have written to thank me for helping them recoup monies lost in the 2002-2003 markets. I am equally pleased that investors are finding ways to improve and personalize the system. Miller said.

Bob Millers FreeStockSystem can be reviewed in-depth on his website. For additional information: Email Bob at e-mail protected from spam bots is an online publication that is updated each week. Nan Kilar reviews books and movies. Billy Anderson showcases record labels and their music CDs. Bob Miller writes books, short stories and informative news articles.


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